The Trial Chronicles: Is Louis Vuitton a Bully?

As you may remember, in June 2014, Louis Vuitton (LV) filed a lawsuit against My Other Bag (MOB), which is a relatively small brand that makes canvas bags with designer bags printed on them. After MOB’s victory in the Second Circuit, it demanded that Louis Vuitton pay almost $400,000 in costs, but LV is fighting back.

LV has been unsuccessful throughout this trial despite alleging that MOB has infringed its federally registered trademarks and copyrights and its actions lesson the value of LV’s well-recognized trademarks.

MOB, however, strongly disagrees. In fact MOB’s filing states “Louis Vuitton Malletier has achieved a rare position among the royalty of fashion; it is one of the world’s leading brands. And as a cultural icon, it is not surprising that Louis Vuitton is often the subject of comment, not all of it favorable … Instead of responding to its critics with noblesse oblige, it treats parody as lèse majesté. Indeed … its history of legal threats and lawsuits has earned Louis Vuitton a reputation as a trademark bully.”

Effectively, MOB’s filing makes LV seem like a troll, which, in the intellectual property world, means an “intellectual property-holding entity that tries to make money by threatening to sue”.

Nevertheless, LV denies these allegations and maintains that the brand is simply trying to protect its intellectual property rights.

What do you think: Is LV a bully or is it just protecting its valuable name?

Information and quotes accredited to: The Fashion Law

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