Create, Don’t Duplicate!

We have already told you about the changing fashion industry in China. Now, it’s time to turn to India.

Indian designer Anita Dongre is widely popular for her exquisite bridal, couture, pret, and menswear designs. However, in a recent interview Dongre expressed her disappointment with the amount of imitation among designers, which she believes is a “byproduct” of the fashion industry.

“A good designer would never feel the need to replicate designs as the audience is extremely aware in this digital world. There is no shortcut to innovation and success, and this has stayed constant through the years. While plagiarism is greatly diluting fashion, true connoisseurs of fashion will know how to differentiate,” she stated.

Dongre is one of the better recognized designers from India, given that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been seen wearing her creations. Despite her success, she still feels as though the fashion industry does not support and protect the creations of designers as much as it could, or should.

Given Unprecedentedly Chic’s devotion to female empowerment, this story also attracted us due to Dongre’s representation of strong women. According to her, men and women are absolute equals in fashion.

“I don’t believe that it should be any different just because I am a woman. Irrespective of gender, our work demands creativity, commitment and efficiency, which I put in every single day. Fashion for me is about functionality and wearability”, she added.

Nevertheless, Dongre believes that Indian fashion is on the right path, due to “government initiatives like Make in India and Handloom Week, which have given a great boost to sustainable fashion.”

We love seeing strong women display their passion candidly and professionally. You are an inspiration, Anita!

Information and quotes accredited to India West.

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