China’s Chic Re-Branding Plan

Unlike other countries, such as France and Italy, China’s fashion industry took off relatively recently with the expansion of the Internet. For years, however, its approach was more focused on imitation, rather than innovation. This is about to change.

New creations, ideas, and inventions are causing a stir in the Chinese fashion market, which is perfectly aligned with the country’s “Made in China 2025” plan. The Chinese market is re-branding and plans to become a prominent member of the “fashion family”, next to the aforementioned European countries.

For example, Dora’s Dream, a women’s clothing start-up, runs a subscription-based service that allows Chinese fashion lovers to borrow designer clothes if they pay a low monthly fee. Earlier this month, this idea generated a buzz at the 2017 Asia Fashion Federation China Conference held in Hangzhou in East China’s Zhejiang province, where Asian designers met to review the latest and hottest trends in fashion.

Given the prominence of Internet in fashion, China is taking advantage of this resource to not only market and promote its labels, but to actually personalize the goods and services it offers. Another prime example of this is China’s new experimentation with lifestyle alongside fashion, which allows Chinese labels to offer coffee, books, home décor, and clothing all in one place. Essentially, the Chinese market is re-branding in order to try to sell an emotion, culture, and feeling, rather than solely design.

This is a huge step up from China’s prominent counterfeit production and we could not be more proud. This will not only protect the intellectual property of designers and creators, but it will also offer consumers a new channel for creating their personalized looks.

Copyright infringement is not chic, but innovation certainly is. So, China is headed in the right direction.

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