UC Travel Tips

Throughout our travels we have learned that there are some things that you simply must carry in your Prada, or any chic purse you happen to be carrying. So, we have compiled a tried and true list of all travel essentials so that you can rest assured during your next travel adventure.

  • Your favourite pair of sunnies: stepping off a plane after a 7 hour flight can be tiring and wearing a pair of glasses can allow you to look like your fabulous self with very little effort. In fact, you can find a pair (or two) of sunglasses in our purses at all times, and not just when we are travelling.
  • Your go-to hand moisturizer: Rather than carrying a travel perfume, we recommend carrying a scented lotion. We love the YSL Cinema perfume and hand moisturizer. However, the variety of scented lotions that the Body Shop sells is not to be missed (note: the Body Shop is known for sustainability and ethical production so we recommend purchasing from them at all times).
  • Your Eos lip balm: before applying your favourite lipstick, we recommend using these amazing lip balms from Eos. Even if you want to ditch the lipstick, these scented lip balms make you look irresistible and feel fresh instantly. We love the grapefruit scent!
  • Your chic lipstick: Touch-ups are necessary for every fashionista. We love lip stains, which last for a really long time. So, the Too Faced Melted lipsticks are our go-to and we often use them during our photoshoots, too!
  • Cash and credit card: This is an obvious one. Who knows, maybe we’ll come across a must-have pair of shoes and who are we to pass those up?! But having a little cash on you in Europe is a must. Taxi drivers, for example, only accept cash so you never want to be caught with just a credit card.
  • A cute pouch: Carrying a big purse can be a statement piece for any outfit, but when travelling, the room that it provides can really come in handy. So, we recommend having a little pouch for all of your essentials so that you don’t have to dig through your purse every time you need one of these items, which will be more often than you think. This is also a good investment piece because you can just grab it and go when you’re running errands while still looking stylish. Tip: we scored this Louis Vuitton pouch at a vintage store in Nice. When looking for vintage LV products, make sure that all the sides match and line up. Also, if the bag has a handle, a darker colour where the hands would be indicates real leather, which makes it more likely that your vintage piece is authentic!

So, if you’re getting ready for a vacation, or the next time you travel, make sure you refer to this list. That way, you’ll have an Unprecedentedly Chic trip!

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