Gimme “Summa” That

Summer may not yet be officially here, but we’re already thinking about the latest summer trends. And luckily for us, Fashionista has already set out a few of our favourites:

  1. Denim skirts (plus a bit of floral embroidery makes for the perfect summer outfit)
  2. Hawaiian shirts, because if you can’t go on vacation you might as well dress as if you are on one!
  3. One-Piece Swimsuits (does this even need an explanation? Talk about chic!)
  4. Gingham Printed Outfits
  5. Pink, pink, and more pink! A soft pretty millennial pink has got us reliving our 2004 Brittney wanna-be days.
  6. Straw bags (we’re so happy these aren’t only for the beach anymore!)
  7. Embellished Slip-ons… literally perfect for work AND after-work drink plans (talk about efficiency!)
  8. Colourful Hairbands … For everyone else who experiences #longhairprobelms, this is our favourite trend!
  9. Sleeve Ruffles! We know this has been a trend for a while but we’re still not over it. Pair a quarter-sleeve ruffle-top with the perfect pair of jean shorts and you’re set for a cool summer night.
  10. Bright Fringe Earrings (If you’re not familiar with this trend you CLEARLY don’t follow us on Instagram. Don’t miss out again… @unprecedentedlychic)

Tell us some of your favourite summer trends this year!

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