A Chic Relationship: Fashion x Technology

Remember when we told you about the Unprecedented designer, Iris van Harpen?

Well, other designers are also exploring the relationship between fashion and technology. To date, various industries, such as film and music, have been able to utilize the benefits that come with technological advancements. Fashion, on the other hand, has a more behind-the-scenes relationship with technology. While production undoubtedly heavily relies on technology, designers are just beginning to visibly showcase the high-tech aspect of their brands.

Last year’s Met Gala theme, Manus x Machina, was an event that celebrated the collaboration of these two fields, and designers have been eager to explore this niche ever since (though some designers’ high-tech items preceded this event).


For example, the collaborative project between Google and Levi’s called Project Jacquard turns fabrics into gesture-controlled surfaces and the well-known Karl Lagerfeld uses 3D printing in some of his designs.

As such, a trend that was arguably sparked by the Apple Watch may be here to stay. Adidas is working on 3D printed shoes, Nike is developing shoes that lace themselves, and the aforementioned collaboration between Google and Levi’s has successfully created a denim jacket that can connect to a smartphone (you can control your phone by touching certain parts of the jacket)!

If what we wear is truly a representation of who we are, then our growing dependence on technology, such as our phones and laptops, will shape the future of fashion.

As law students, however, we cannot help but wonder about the legal impacts of this development. For example, what will happen to the biodegradable products that many companies are so keen on producing? How will they maintain this value and try to keep up with the trend of wearable technology? Additionally, will this cause a spur of patent law issues due to the functionality of such products? Don’t worry, fashion lovers, because we will update you as soon as we have answers to these questions.

For now, stay chic.

The above information is accredited to Futurism.

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