Red Lipstick is Not Just for Lips, Anymore

You already know that we have vowed to keep you updated with all of the newest trends in both fashion and the law, and we take this very seriously! This time, the newest craze is the use of red lipstick for a whole make-up look, and not just for the lips. Because that’s SO 2016, right?!

Thanks to Kenzo, the “all-red make-up look was inspired by Studio 54’s divas”, which was “created by blending lipstick across the eyes and cheeks with a clever little blush”.

Want to know how to do this yourself? We’ve got you covered:

Christian Louboutin Luminous Ink Liner in
Urban Decay Vice Liquid
Hourglass Opaque Rouge
Buxom Bold Gel
Laura Mercier in Juicy
Topshop Lip Kit in Crazy
Bobbi Brown Liquid Art Stick in Hot
Revlon Ultra HD Lip in
RMK Colour

Information and links accredited to The Guardian.

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