As you can tell by our ongoing obsession with That Vintage Place, you can tell by now that we are totally into chic vintage pieces. Even for your home!

Check out our top five vintage MUST-HAVES! (FYI: all of these can be DIY projects!)

  1. Painted Mason Jars: Filled with flowers or candles, these DIY vintage pieces are the perfect accessory for any room.
  2. Indoor Fencing? Talk about vintage! Who says fences are just for outside? Replace your traditional mirror or picture frame with the perfect wall piece.
  3. Wooden Framed Maps: If the whole indoor fencing idea is a little too much for you, try out framing a map of the world, a continent, a country… whatever you please! And if you’re a world traveler, make sure to use pins to track where you’ve been! Chic AND efficient.
  4. Luggage Pieces: Another one for our travellers! Find a few old-styled luggages (That Vintage Place had a few the last time we were in) and pile them up to make the perfect sidepiece! Decorate with plants, candles, or even a few mason jar floral pieces to make it the coziest space in the room!
  5. Tied-up Vintage Books: For all you bookworms out there, we didn’t forget about you! Find a few of your favourite (and oldest) books at a local shop or library and pile them together with a few other vintage pieces to get a full vintage look.

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