Summer 2017: Life Aquatic

We’ve already covered the must-have swim short for men, which by the way, was also featured in GQ earlier this month. So now it’s time to talk about the latest swimwear trends for us ladies. This summer, we have taken a vow to remain tanned and only wear the chicest swimsuits. Luckily the fashion industry responded by releasing some of the most beautiful swim pieces we have seen at a guilt-free price. Of course, we had to share it with you, so here they are:

Flagpole: these pieces are a mix of athletic, swim, and ready-to-wear, aimed to keep you looking effortlessly stylish.

Bower: fave alert!! A husband and wife, who strongly believe in sustainability and ethical production, created this brand. These values have, of course, impacted the way their pieces are made, which makes us feel beautiful and proud at the same time while wearing them.

Next: These pieces are unique with gorgeous colours. The best part? They ship and deliver super quickly! Because who knows when you’ll want to throw and impromptu pool party?

Debenhams: The wide variety of this brand effectively guarantees that you’ll fine one piece (if not a few) that you feel as though was made for you.

So start shopping, because summer has officially begun and we cannot be more excited!

All information and pictures accredited to The Telegraph.

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