Back at it: Maddened by Steve Madden

While Zara is one of the usual suspects when it comes to copyright infringement, this time, the defendant is the well-known shoe retailer, Steve Madden. If you have yet to read about Madden’s feud with Dr.Martens, you can check it out here.

This time, however, Italian fashion house, Valentino, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Steve Madden in federal court in Atlanta for allegedly copying one of their staple handbags and the accompanying strap. Both of these pieces have federal copyright protection in the U.S.

By producing and selling a “substantially and strikingly similar” bag and strap, without the permission of Valentino, the Italian designer feels as though their exclusive rights to these designs have been infringed.

It is no surprise, that these pieces have been removed from the Steve Madden online retailer website.

Nevertheless, Valentino is still seeking damages, costs, and interest.

You would think that after several lawsuits, these brands would learn to stick to their own creations right? Well, apparently not. Besides, what would we blog about if that were the case?

Information accredited to The Fashion Law.

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