The Fashion Behind the Film

With Wonder Woman hitting theaters this past month, did you really think we were going to skip out on talking about this movement involving women empowerment? NO WAY!

But, we can’t talk about Wonder Women without mentioning her phenomenal outfits. Not only were they chic, but the outfits actually have meaning behind them.

When the designer spoke to Fashionista in an interview just recently, she explained the thought process that went into making her outfits.

She based the “style-lines” of Wonder Woman’s “training armor” — the gold-hued, one-shouldergirdle and skirt ensemble — on research she found from periods pre-dating ancient Greece. More specifically  however, they were “places where there had been societies run by women: queens and warriors.” Of course, she made sure that the outfits were still appealing to today’s audience in order to ensure Wonder Woman was an approachable and realistic figure.

She says, “[At] the same time, I didn’t want them to look too fashionable […] I wanted [the Amazons] to look like they were sporty and strong and they were able to ride horses. Hopefully, they looked elegant, but elegance was not what they were originally striving for.”

Bet you didn’t think this much effort went into designing one of the many outfits Wonder Woman wore? Neither did we.

We guess style really is the way to someone’s (or, an audience’s) heart.

Information gathered from Fashionista.


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