Starbucks vs. Weedbukx: The Tragic Tale of an “Un-chic” Twist

Starbucks has had a fair share of action in the legal sphere with its unicorn drinks, but clearly is up for more. And we don’t blame them.

Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion, the owner of a New Jersey pot-themed café, decided to change the name of his place to Weedbukx (to celebrate 4/20, of course). Obvsiouly, however, to rebrand, it was only fitting to use a unique interpretation of Starbuck’s signature logo.


For starters, the logo isn’t even chic. But, more importantly, there are clearly some legal issues at hand.

Starbucks’s legal counsel jumped on this misuse of their trademark, sending over a cease-and-desist, telling them the name and logo had to be taken down immediately. Unfortunately for the restaurant owner, he was arrested for unrelated reasons (wow, surprising!), and couldn’t even bathe in the two-minute fame his shop received from this lawsuit.

His parter, however, has publicly written on social media accounts regarding the incident. “I just wish Ed was home so could have enjoyed this.” She explains it was a publicity stunt he’d wanted to do for years. She actually gloats about the fact that took Starbucks several days to threaten legal action, which is impressive, given people like Snoop Dogg were promoting it.

We mean, it was a great publicity stunt. Will it create short-term profits for your business? Maybe. Will anyone care next week? Probably not.

Information gathered from Grubstreet.

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