Bachelorette Recap: Episode 3

Last night, another drama-filled episode of the Bachelorette aired, and she have all the scoop.


The episode begins with DeMario’s attempted return to the Bachelor mansion. Yeah, you read that right…this guy came on the show with a girlfriend, got called out for it, got sent home, and thought to himself hey, let’s try going back for a “second chance.” I know, totally insane. Obviously, like any intelligent, self-respecting woman would do, Rachel said HELL TO THE NAH and he was sent packing (again). Although you, DeMario may have been somewhat of a decent individual in that moment with all of your apologies and “take me backs,” it’s too little too late (gosh that would have been an even greater pun if it was Jojo’s season). Also, Rachel is wayyyyy better than that (and you), so go home. Your bravery is out of this world though so S/O to you for that.

Moving on…So the Wahboom dude finally gets booted out, which is, for obvious reasons, very exciting. But, to be honest, the whole filming of the arguing between him and Blake (who also gets sent home) is completely unnecessary. A solid 5-10 minutes was aired of them arguing and we don’t think anyone really cared to see that at all. It was just super annoying. ABC, come on.

One of the highlights of the episode was the Ellen date that some of the guys went on with Rachel. I mean, who doesn’t like Ellen, right?! This date was absolutely hilarious and we got to see the guys’ true colours as they played “Never Have I Ever,” which was a bonus for Rachel. One person who stood out to us was Alex! Alex was completely honest the entire time, which was definitely appreciated by Rachel since honesty is obviously super important. As Rachel and the guys left the set and continued their group date elsewhere, we had the opportunity to get to know Alex more and we were impressed! Obviously Rachel was too, since he got the group date rose! He’s super intelligent, respectful, and just overall, seems like a really good catch!

Fred also has the opportunity of talking to Rachel during the date. Unfortunately, he goes home, but the break-up is pretty mutual.

Towards the end of the episode some other drama goes on and to sum it up in one sentence: Lee is rude and needs to leave ASAP. But, after having watched this show for over a decade, it’s safe to say that Lee and his (super extra) cocky and belittling ego will be sticking around for at least a little while longer. Important conclusion: We’ve found the villain of the season, ladies and gents!

That’s all for this week! See ya next week, Bachelor Nation!

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