CONCEPT: Yorkdale’s One of A Kind Pop-Up Shop

We’re sure you’ve already caught wind of it, but Yorkdale’s CONCEPT has a new round of brands displayed. Our favourites? Peace Collective and Peace Treats (duh!)

Now, let’s back up for a second. What is CONCEPT? CONCEPT is a space that is devoted to innovative and new thinking, designed to showcase new tastes, trends, and technology. Similar to a pop-up shop, it gives brands the opportunity of exposure and test out various markets and retail locations.

If you don’t know Peace Collective (we mean, they’re pretty hard to miss since their social media platforms are phenomenal), you can learn more about them by reading our first post about their awesome brand. Peace Treats has been one of the company’s newer initiatives, specializing in gourmet milkshakes. Talk about the perfect (and chicest) treat while you shop.

We’ll be visiting CONCEPT this Thursday and let you know what we think! Given the selection of brands that are currently displayed, however, we suggest you get in there before the next round.

Check out the stores here:

Shop chic, fashionistas!


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