Short on Clothes, Not Style

With the sun hanging high above our heads and the air heavy with warmth it is that time of year where we must take it all off! Well, all but our swimwear.

Summer is fast approaching, which means it is finally time for us to cool off by the pool or head to the beach so we can show off all of the hard work and dedication we put into sculpting our bodies throughout the winter…

Or at least it’s just the time to be poolside.
In any case, getting in the water never leaves us very much to work with style-wise; looking our absolute best โ€“ beach body or not โ€“ essentially comes down to finding the perfect piece of swimwear.
Now I know that most men think they are all set for the summer with what they likely own: knee-length board shorts with some logo-heavy print in those totally manly colours like black, grey, or navy; however, this is the age where it is a good thing for a man to be a little more sexy, vulnerable, and feminine. It is time for men to show women that swimwear can be equally as stunning of an attire on a man as it is on a woman.
Here are a few tips to follow when picking out your next bathing suit:
1. Go a little shorter. Now I am not saying to get something that looks like the briefs you already had on since you forgot your trunks at home, but don’t be afraid to show off more of the thigh;
2. Go a little tighter. Unless you’re a professional swimmer, please do not enter Speedo territory, but you should give everyone a sense of your features by having the short hug your body a little bit. If you want to have something that can take you directly from the pool to a social event without having to change, opt for a personal favourite of mine: a tailored short with no draw string and pockets. These are not only a great fit, but they also pair perfectly with a nice t-shirt or polo. Just don’t forget that the sizing has to be perfect in order for it to work;
3. Go a little brighter. Don’t forget that swim shorts are meant for a time of comfort, relaxation, and most of all fun! No one is expecting you to attend a black tie event in them so get as crazy as you want (without looking like a ten year-old). There is nothing cooler than a guy whose personality shines through his style and what better way to do so than with a pair of swim shorts that are playful?
From personal experience I must say that it is always better to spend a little more on the perfect short. For reasons of quality, longevity, and style you cannot go wrong in the higher price range. My favourite brands would be Vilebrequin, Tom Ford, and La Perla with Vilebrequin being the top choice. If you aren’t looking to spend as much, but still want something that fits the bill, you can certainly find a decent pair at Topman.

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