Staying Chic and Fashion Conscious in Your Twenties

Becoming more fashion conscious often entails a greater amount of dedication to not only researching where your clothes come from and who produced them, but also may require dishing out more money than one would on fast fashion items.

In our twenties, it can be difficult to figure out how to avoid the allure of a sale and walk away from cheap clothing only to purchase an ethical find that seems to be out of the budget. If you find that it is hard to change your mindset, but you would much rather not support an industry that values exploitation, then try out these suggestions that we love from The Good Trade:

  • When you start to educate yourself on what defines “fairness” in the production of goods, it will become clear that the “cheapest price is rarely the fair price”. The Good Trade highlights that the “bargain mindset” allows us to celebrate cheap prices, while rarely taking into consideration how the company reduces costs to sell their products in this manner. Asking these questions can definitely stir up some skepticism in consumers and challenge this mindset.
  • Transitioning out of this mindset also requires awareness of our tendencies in a modern society to fully pack our schedules and exhaust our resources, including finances! If we leave ourselves more room to plan for ethical purchases that are slightly more expensive and allow for more time to make decisions, then it is possible to change the mindset of a consumer who only opts for fast fashion out of convenience and cheapness.
  • Appreciate small changes! Set goals for yourself that are manageable if you are serious about changing your consumption practices. Instead of vowing to never interact with a company that produces fast fashion, perhaps try to outline positive goals that require you to buy locally every month. The small change can even be a new mindset that requires you to be more aware of the impact of the fast fashion industry or requires you to ask more questions about where your clothing originates.


If changing your mindset sounds intimidating or may just not have a place in your life, then here are a few tips that may require less effort on your part:

  • Save up for fewer better quality items instead of buying several cheap items that may not get as many uses.
  • Don’t just buy an item because it is cheap. If questions pertaining to where the clothing you are wearing comes from, who your clothing impacted, and what it leaves behind in the environment, then this aspect is key! Ask questions beyond the price tag.
  • Be honest with yourself and buy only what you need! Intentionally curate your closet instead.
  • Learn how to spot quality! Look for the type of fabric, where it was made, etc.
  • Check out alternative options, like made-to-measure clothing on Etsy.
  • Remember that if you want to wear quality, it is not cheap! Instead, look at your quality pieces as an investment.

Information gathered from Alexandrastylist and the The Good Trade.



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