“Slow” Fashion Revolutionizing the Industry?

South Korean fashion is known for being a leader in fast fashion. But this group of women are taking a stand against it through introducing a sustainably produced slow fashion collection.

The designers of Seoul adopted eco-friendly strategies at their clothing manufacturing centres. And the designers are serious about this movement. This past season at Seoul Fashion Week, they deputed their “Wear Grey” collection with the campaign slogan “Keep earth, wear grey, less laundry.”

Now, anyone could have put together a movement like this. And in fact, many designers and corporations have. The significance with this campaign? The fact that it is being pursued by one of the largest fast fashion distributors in the world.

In fact, this movement has caught the attention of veteran designer of sustainable fashion, Im Seonoc. Im admits that sustaining a zero-waste production business is difficult. “It’s tough to survive in the fashion environment, when fast fashion is already so prolific. It is difficult not to waste materials.”

Im goes on to say, “But as designers, we need to think about our social responsibility. If fashion was just for business, then we could focus on earning more, but fashion designers should have their own design philosophies and should think about their impact on society.”

What do you think? Will slow fashion become the new fad?

Information gathered from South China Morning Post.

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