Branding: A Lesson From Beautycon

Hey makeup lovers! So, we’ve all heard of Beautycon. But, have you even wondered how this event has brought tens of thousands of people to New York every year? Easy, they understand their market, this generation, and the importance of SMM (social media marketing).

For those of you who don’t know about Beautycon, it is one of the largest markup conferences, bringing in both YouTube sensations as well as featured brands like Revlon, NYX, and L’Oreal Paris. The event has perfectly catered to what Beautycon calls the “Pivotal Generation”– a mix of young millennials and older Gen Z-ers.

Mom Mahdara, Beautycon’s CEO, spills the details.

“[We] have been able to tap into that generation through a three-tiered approach that includes subscription makeup box à la Ipsy; the Beautycon festivals that occur in multiple U.S. cities each year; and Beautycon Digital, a platform for beauty-centric video and articles. All that content generates data, which Beautycon then uses in its brand partnerships through its consulting and analytics arm, aptly named FOMO. So far, Beautycon has worked with the likes of Revlon and Nike, as it provides solutions for expansion.”

Start-ups, take note!

Information gathered from Fast Company.


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