Wearable Tech: The Backlash

We’ve spoken to wearable tech before. And, quite frankly, we’re fans of the new fad (or lasting style, who knows?)

But some people have a differing opinion, especially when looking at the Apple Watch. With the goal to optimize the intersection between fashion, fitness, and tech, consumers are complaining that the highly-expensive gadget caters to a distinct market. Specifically, a market that isn’t representative of the general population.

Mashable writer Pete Pachal says, “As the Apple Watch has evolved, it’s become clear that Apple prioritizes some customers over others. When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2 last fall, the biggest upgrades were better waterproofing for swimmers and the Nike+ version for runners. The watch had always been a fitness tracker, but now it was doubly so.”

He goes on to say, “All this speaks to the kind of Apple Watch user Apple wants to cultivate: fashionably discerning, addicted to fitness consumers […] No offense to those people, but they’re not the entirety of Apple’s customer base, and it’s here where the Apple Watch unnecessarily limits itself […] . It sits there, encouraging you to breathe, nudging you to stand up, or to just marvel at its polished contours and its hyper-accurate second hand.”

Now, we never knew anyone could be so offended about wearable tech. If anything, this type of reaction is only indicative of wearable tech possibly being a passing fad rather than a lasting trend.

What do you think? Has Apple crossed the line with its new product innovations? Moreover, should tech companies be so involved with fashion and fitness?

Information gathered from Mashable.

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