Take a “Bow”, Buscemi

If you haven’t heard of Buscemi, not to worry! We haven’t either, until we caught wind of this lawsuit.

Founded in 2013, Buscemi is a relatively newest high-fashion American designer who has just recently filed a patent infringement lawsuit against J/Slides (both in Hong Kong and the United States). The company claims that there was “deliberate, willful, wanton and intentional” infringement of its Bow Design shoe featured below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.03.56 AM

When hearing about this lawsuit, we were first surprised that we had never heard of this company. We mean, COME ON! How chic!?

It later hit us that this lawsuit in itself unique. The reason being the obtaining a design patent can take as long as two years. Not to mention, is relatively expensive, especially for a company that is just starting up. Since most brands do not continue a single style across many seasons, usually only long-established and well-known brands invest the time and money to pursue these types of patents. And, they do so in order to secure and brand their “signature” designs.

So, for Buscemi, this is more than a lawsuit. This is their business move. Buscemi is here to stay. And as for the bow-sneaker? Well, that’s Buscemi’s signature design.

In an industry where intellectual property is continuously infringed upon and start-up designers are discredited before they have even begun, Buscemi chooses to fight back. Take a bow Buscemi, you deserve it!

Information gathered from The Fashion Law.

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