One Blazer, Coming Right Up!

We’ve all had those days where we’ve had nothing to wear. We’re getting ready for work, and we realize, “my gosh I need more Monday to Friday wear.” And, if you’re as “picky” as we are (although, we prefer to call it fashionably selective), you don’t just want any piece of clothing. You want something unique. And you want it QUICK.

Ministry of Supply saw this consumer market and did the unthinkable to try and meet their needs. They decided to make custom clothes on demand.

Ministry of Supply is a high performance business wear men’s fashion brand launched in 2012 and founded by former Massachusetts Institute of Technology students. The company decided to make a  giant 3-D knitting machine at their flagship store on Boston’s Newbury Street. (As a side note, if you think this is cool, you’d probably find it interesting to know that the company uses some of the same temperature regulating material as NASA astronauts in their clothing.)

To some this may sound like a novelty, but Ministry of Supply makes one thing clear,  “It is a symbol of a potentially industry-shaking wave of innovation taking hold in the apparel world.”

What do you think? Chic or not? We, for one, are COMPLETELY on board with nearly instant blazer-making. Unique, quick, and efficient… what more could we ask for? Our only question is, when will the company introduce a women’s line!?

Let us know your thoughts, comment below!

Information gathered from The Washington Post.

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