Dear Millennials…

Today we were feeling a little inspired. So, we decided to do something a little different.

Here’s our note to millennials (if you follow us and aren’t a millennial, your style is most probably impeccably chic so still give this a read because you rock).

And for those of you who are new to the blog and just came here because you saw the title and thought it was a super cool article from Narcity or The Huffington Post… Hi! We’re Unprecedentedly Chic! And this is our story.

We started law school about 10 months ago. And a longggggggg 10 months it has been. We’re sure you all have passions, right? Dreams? Something you want to prove to the world, maybe even prove to yourself? We did. We still do. That’s why we started our blog.

Unprecedentedly Chic may have launched in January, but the idea was in the works from the second week of school. We mean, there are only so many “extra” people in law school, so when you find one of your own you hold on to them for dear life.

And that’s what we love most about our blog, about our team – the fact that we do something different. You may not all be lovers of law or lovers of fashion. But you got to love something, right?

So, go for it.

When people ask us why we started a style-law blog while in law school, the answer is simple: because we wanted to. And, we mean, what else could we have possibly done in between (or, in lieu of) readings?

And if you follow our blog (which you very easily can by clicking the above “Unprecedentedly Chic” homepage logo and entering your email in the bottom right corner!), you’ll see we love talking about young entrepreneurs. We are always rooting for the underdog (because we sure as hell know we are one).

So, for all of you millennials who may be debating something right now… DO IT!

Unless it’s illegal, please don’t.

And who knows, maybe we’ll be writing about you next…


Ales & Sab

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