Trumping All Odds?

Although we hate putting any more attention on the Trumps, we can’t keep ignoring Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. And neither can many clothing companies in California.

Ivanka has been under the heat for IP infringements, unethical business practices, (and for just being Trump’s daughter). But, have you ever thought how her father’s influence has impacted her brand?

Apparently well.

Modern Appealing clothing – a San Francisco-based fashion boutique – claims that the First Daughter’s company is profiting off her political connection to President Trump – as much as 346% after one “go buy Ivanka stuff” interview comment.

Now, we may be naïve, but we did not think that Trump would have a positive influence on her brand (especially considering her target market).

In the same breath however, should Ivanka’s company be facing the heat for something quite similar to your average (free) product endorsement.

Will Ivanka Trump all odds? Follow us to find out.

Information gathered from Fortune.

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