Smoking Style (…literally)

Tech and fashion, the newest trend. Although wearable technology is on the rise, we have to wonder how much is too much. Fitbits and Apple Watches, totally efficient and useful! Smoking runway dresses? Not so much.

Yet, companies are investing millions of dollars to get ahead of the trends. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. Adidas’ 3D printing: The company is planning on making 3D-prnted shoes a consumer product in order to create the objects in the matter of minutes. Why? Talk about customization! Adidas plans to, by 2018, have 3D printers in stores to quickly customize any pair of kicks within 24 hours… Woah!
  2. Nike’s Power Laces: The company just recently released The HyperAdapt 1.0 – a self-lacing shoe. Targeted mores at athletes, the shoe solves the problem of fixing your laces during workouts and practices. We’re no athletes but would love these (lazy-chic?)
  3. Google x Levi’s: The two companies have merged forces to create a connected Commuter denim jacket. The jacket’s cuffs pair to a smartphone, letting you use your hand gestures on the fabric to do things like check the time or play music. Hitting stores this fall at $350, would you buy it?

Information gathered from Engadget.

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