Urban Outfitters: The Bro Club

Urban Outfitters – the store we all shop from for the latest trends while knowingly spending far too much on far too low-quality products. But, we do it anyways (because deceptive marketing schemes, popular celeb endorsements etc. etc. etc.)

Here’s one thing you didn’t know about the brand.

The Board of Directors? Predominately males. For a company that most closely focuses on catering to women, a white, male, board of directions is what many would least expect. But we’re not surprised.

Many changes have been made in efforts to equate women with the high-standard and “power” that men are innately expected to be given. But as two women having studied business and entering into the field of law, we know there is still much that needs to be done.

As for Urban Outfitters, the company doesn’t seem to be lacking from a male-dominated executive board… for now. As pointed out by Racked, “Though the Bro Club should be wary: Resisting diversifying a board could, in turn, isolate consumers in the long run.”

And that, we are sure of.

Information gather from Racked.

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