Adidas Takes Action

A lot of companies speak out against bad workers conditions within their supply chain. But not many companies actually take action in trying to improve these conditions. Adidas, however, has chosen to take action.

Executive Aditi Wanchoo has one goal and one goal only – to wipe out any slavery in the German sportswear company’s supply chain. Although this may seem like a difficult task,   Wanchoo is turning to today’s best course of action to complete it – technology.

Governments have been trying to tackle the problem with new legislation, such as the UK’s 2015 law requiring companies to disclose how they are ensuring supply chains are slavery free. But is this enough?

Although Adidas currently has “workers hotlines” to give labourers the opportunity to anonymously ask questions or voice concerns (even via text message!). The company, however, has found these programs relatively ineffective when it comes to decreasing modern-day slavery.

So, this past yet, Adidas has ben running a pilot preheat with apps of workers to anonymously report issues. Although the app is not yet available, Wanchoo claims it to be more effective than the company’s current means of regulating labour infractions.

What do you think? Will technology be the assistance these labourers need in order to ensure ethical behaviour within supply chains?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Information gathered from The Fashion Law.

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