Shopping Paradise?

Every fashion lover knows the luxury of shopping on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Fortunately, we got to experience that yesterday! The feeling you get when you walk down a street full of beautiful stores, each filled with breathtaking products is indescribable.

Of course, if you’ve read our previous posts, you know that there are some brands that we wholeheartedly support and others from which we are more hesitant to purchase. But, when we see our favourite french designers, such as Dior and Hermes, in Paris, we simply cannot help ourselves.

To put it simply, we loved the Champs-Elysees, but our credit card hated it.

Nevertheless, we could not help but notice the high degree of the homeless population on the busy streets of Paris. There is a palpable sense of imbalance that one feels when one sees a homeless person directly in front of a store, which markets is cheapest product at 450 euro.

As critical thinkers, which you all are, we must continuously not solely think of fashion, but about how fashion can help make a change – from several different perspectives.

Is there any initiative that comes to mind? If so, we’d love to chat.

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