Behind the Glitz and Glamour

The yearly event that everyone talks about – Miss Universe. Although nothing can be more talked about than Steve Harvey’s 2015 mix-up,this lawsuit is worth the mention. Especially considering it relates to probably the most important aspect of the pageant – the crown.

The producers behind the Miss Universe pageant are suing the Prague-based company hired to make the winners’ “iconic” crowns. According to Miss Universe Co., the pageant terminated their contract in August 2016 after the crown-making company missed two required payments (resulting in a total of $190,000).

You may be thinking: “The crown company… paying Miss Universe? Something seems off?” Although the crown company is supplying the crown, the amount of exposure tied to that association far outweighs the cost of the crown. So much so that the company is required to pay a sponsorship fee on an annual basis to Miss Universe Co.

However, the company decided to continue referring to and profiting from the association with Miss Universe even after the pageant had cut ties with the crown-maker. Through using the Miss Universe logo at the top of their photos and web pages, the company was acting with the specific intent to deceive the public and cause “substantial and irreparable harm” to the pageant.

If we’ve learned anything from this case (and any blunder that ever happens with Miss Universe), it is that you don’t mess with the glitz and glamour of a pageant this large-scale.

Information derived from The Fashion Law.

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