Calling It Quits on Fitting Room Fiascos

Let us tell you about the modern fashionistas daily dilemma…

You spot the chicest pair of jeans. You need them (obviously). More then that – you need them in every single wash. And every jean fits differently, right?! So we need a wide array of sizes. We mean, are we going for the loose look? The skinny look? So many factors! What does this leave us with? About 16 million pairs of jeans to try on (exaggerated) AND an arm cramp.

Luckily, there are tech experts out there looking for a solution to this very serious problem. FindMine is just one of the tech companies looking to optimize in this no-ventured-to market.

How, however, does this work? Essentially, the items you bring into the fitting room is tagged with a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag. A RFID tag reader in the fitting room scans this tag, like a barcode. Coded into the tag is a number of variables, including colors and sizes, which is why the mirror shows you not just the size you picked but all the additional sizes and colors you can choose from in the store.

As consumers, we think this is great. As business owners we can’t help thinking, “what’s the price?”

And reality it, the cost of having this “smart” fitting room in stores is expensive (to say the least). However, as shoppers become fluent in the language of e-commerce, they’re looking for more retail theater and expect the ease of online shopping to translate to the in-store experience.

So, would you invest in this new technology? One things for certain – shopping will become that much easier (uh oh…)

Information derived from Racked.

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