The New Transparent Fashion

Have you ever stopped to wonder who is on the other side of the fast fashion debacle? A lot of attention is focused on condemning the makers of fast fashion and the high cost of cheap prices. While the shaming is appropriate, our time can be better spent recognizing companies that have done it right.

As noted in AdWeek, there are clothing brands that are currently embracing the trend of transparency that is required by the demand for sustainable attire. Retail analysts have found that more shoppers are placing higher value on where their clothing is coming from and how it is made. That means not everyone is looking for the cheap price tag! Chances are that the cheapest clothing costs more than you think… for the lives of workers, for the environment, and so on.

So, to continue with the trend of disappearing fast fashion and highlighting some innovative sustainable companies, it is time to put the spotlight on Everlane!

Everlane is a clothing company started by Michael Preysman, in his frustration of the lack of innovation in retail. The company’s mission statement consists of “pushing boundaries and challenging conventions”. Their mantra is one of radical transparency, which highlights knowing the factories at which goods are produced, knowing the cost of the products, and challenging the decisions made in the brand’s culture.

This is one of the most transparent companies we have seen online that explains their hands-on approach to building relationships with their factories. Even further, Everlane displays the cost required to make a product and the markup they receive from each product! With their “Choose What You Pay” feature, select items allow purchasers to choose the price they pay. In making their decision, they can see the percentage of the price that is the markup.

The chicest feature yet is the most transparent of them all! On their website, Everlane features a world map that highlights each of their factories and takes you on a photo tour of the facilities. The information about each facility includes the team behind the factory, which items or materials are produced there, and how Everlane discovered the factory.

While consumers looking for the cheapest prices may not be inclined to purchase from a brand like Everlane, their transparency and ethical practices gives us more credibility to work with than a lot of other companies.

If Everlane’s habits are indicative of a trend that is about to hit the fashion industry, then we are so excited for what is coming next!

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