Who said Look Books were Only for Fashion?

The Purpose Tour… what Justin Bieber describes as the “gift that keeps on giving.” Well ladies and gents, Justin isn’t quite done “giving” yet!

During his Purpose Tour, a series of merchandise collections quickly went viral, including a collaboration with Barneys, a VFiles pop-up collection and a more affordable line with Forever 21.

Biebers mangement just recently announced that the singer will be releasing a look book for to support his summer 2017 stadium tour. Produced in partnership with Bravado, the “Purpose the Stadium Tour” collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and leggings. The words “tour,” “team,” “stadium” and “Bieber” are emblazoned on most of the offerings, which come in white, black, gray or blue.

Given the fact that the Biebs only made our UC Top 10 Tracks of the Month ONCE, you may have been able to guess that we aren’t huge fans.

But, we give credit where credits due. And Justin (or, should we say, his management) definitely deserves credit for optimizing the integration of the fashion and music markets.

What do you say, Bieber fans? Will you buy from his new line?

Information derived from Women’s Wear Daily.

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