Lush Lashing Out

Lush. We say the word and you can almost smell the store. Known for its “trademark” scent – which might we add, is not actually trademarked, but given today’s growing copycat company’s probably should be – the handmade cosmetic shop has become quite the attraction.

However, the company has had enough of Amazon’s games. After winning a high court battle against Amazon over its use of the word “lush” to sell rival cosmetics (yay! go Lush!), the company decided to teach this online retailer a lesson. And we LOVE it.

Lush trademarked the name “Christopher North” as a brand name for a new range of toiletries, which could eventually extend to deodorants and hair removing cream. For those of you that don’t know, North is the managing director of

For all those interested, you can try out the “Christopher North Shower Smoothie: Rich, thick, and full of it.” (… cue mic drop)

Information derived from The Guardian.

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