Lulu Takes a Blow

Following up on yesterday’s good news of a Lululemon’s expansion, came an unfortunate blow for the casual-chic company.

If you were browsing through the website the evening of May 22nd, you might have gotten a message stating: “We are usually awesome at this. Please don’t refresh your browser. You’ll be back in the flow shortly.”

Unfortunately, this was much worse than momentarily bad internet connection. Lulu’s website crashed and remained down overnight, resulting in major online revenue losses for the company.

Laurent Vasilescu, a Macquarie analyst in New York, said he first observed the e-commerce site wasn’t working on Monday afternoon. The company counts on direct-to-consumer sales for about 17 percent of its revenue, Vasilescu estimates.

Luckily for the company, this glitch was fixed the next morning. But at this point, the damage had already been done.

Information derived from Business of Fashion.

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