The Skeleton Key

You’ve already heard our thoughts on Gab McNeil’s amazing designs, so here is Jude Farjami’s take from a man’s perspective.

As many of you may certainly know, fashion is repetitive by nature and many trends today are inspired by – or even directly taken from – centuries-old styles. We do not create the future, so much as we look to reshape and recreate the course of history.

One of my favourite recreations has been of the human skull. Dating back as early as the 1600s during the Renaissance, the skull was symbolic of the fact that death is ever-present in life, for time is fleeting. The people of the Renaissance believed that life would come and go in the blink of an eye and employed  the symbol as a constant reminder of that fact; today, this notion is all but forgotten, as we are in an age of self-obsession and wonton disregard. This, however, is not to say that the skull is no longer present: if you look around you will see them in high fashion, but for the past few decades this can almost solely be accredited to the work of Alexander McQueen (or Alexander the Great, as some might say).
When it comes to accessorizing with the skull today, one must toe the line between everyday style and costuming, which can prove to be difficult. As a man with a true love for the Renaissance – and therefore one who always sports a skull – I am glad to say that there is an artisan since McQueen who is working hard to bring this element of the renaissance back to prominence: his name is Gab McNeil.
As a former engineer, McNeil’s designs incorporate elements of contemporary artwork and sculpture with the rustic look of the past. The designs are evocative of the Renaissance excess and elegance, but they also maintain a rugged, everyday appeal that is neither too gaudy nor fanciful. From firsthand experience, these accessories can be effectively incorporated into a formal or casual look.
While many might find it morbid to have a skull looming about, I can assure you that nothing will be quite as eye-catching to those around you. Besides, what could be wrong about having a little reminder to live life to the fullest anyway?
We hope you’re convinced of the necessity of these accessories by now. If so, head on over to Gab McNeil and get your very own ring or bracelet for 25% off under the code CHIC.

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