The Fashion Revolution

With all the issues occurring in the fashion industry, we are grateful to come across this organization.

Fashion Revolution is a non-profit organization that promotes ethical practices and good behavior within the fashion industry. The organization consists of designers, academics, writers, business leaders, policymakers, brands, retailers, marketers, producers, makers, workers, fashion lovers etc. etc. etc… It is anyone and everyone that cares to make a difference regarding their involvement in the fashion industry.

Although the organization makes it clear that the fashion revolution is a year-long, 24/7 type of movement, there is a specific week dedicated to the cause. Fashion Revolution Week falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013.

According to their website, “That is the day Fashion Revolution was born.” During this week, brands are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.

We’re sure to be participating the Fashion Revolution Week next year! Will you?

Information derived from Fashion Revolution.

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