Chic Accessory: Gab McNeil (and a surprise!)

If you’ve read our previous posts and follow us on social media, you know that our #1 style rule is “accessorize, and accessorize well”. So, we are happy to announce that Gab McNeil has provided us with the perfect way to make sure we always live up to our own advice. His innovative and unique designs are bound to make any outfit stand out, in just the right way.

We have some good news, gentlemen: Gab McNeil’s designs are actually for men! We, of course, couldn’t resist. But, that’s the thing about these pieces – they will probably be the most versatile thing in your accessory closet!

We love Canadian designers who put a lot of thought into their designs, and that is the epitome of Gab. Following three generations of architects, ceramists, and sculptors, artistic expression comes naturally to him.

“As a product designer Gab seeks to create and provide new products that explore different mediums of expression to those looking for distinction of character. The pieces are a reflection of the honesty in each wearer’s individuality, and Gab strives to inspire users to celebrate what makes them unique and find new meaning in the items so personal to them.”

So, for all of you, loyal readers, we have a surprise. For your next Gab McNeil purchase – and trust us when we say you should really make a purchase – you can get 25% off when you use the discount code “CHIC”. Just consider it a little gift to show you just how much we appreciate you.

You can find our shoot with Gab’s awesome Skull Rings here.

Thanks for your innovation and creativity, Gab! You are a true artist.


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