Crown + Pride Your Life

Remember when we told you how much we love supporting Canadian designers? Well, we are so excited to announce that we have formed a new partnership with probably one of the chicest stores in Toronto: Crown + Pride Inc.

As women, we have to empower each other; this is exactly what Heather, the creative designer behind the brand, believes in. By creating versatile pieces, that take you from the office, to work, to a night out seamlessly (yes, such pieces do exist), Crown + Pride Inc will, no doubt, become every woman’s favourite soon enough.

We absolutely LOVE our Queen West Crops, not only because of the amazing material, but also because the cut provides a slimming, flattering look. Crown and Pride Inc is the perfect mix between comfort and chic.

So, naturally, we had to collaborate with the amazing force that runs the company. And, as a true testament to how female professionals should support one another, Heather has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

You can find our shoot with Crown + Pride’s newest and chicest item here.

Are you ready for the best part? We are launching a quick, exciting, and easy contest with this incredible brand! The rules? Very simple:

1.    Follow @crownandprideinc on Instagram 

2.    Follow @unprecedentedlychic on Instagram 

3.    On Crown + Pride’s contest photo (This photo will be obvious – it will say “contest photo”) tag 3 friends and use the hashtag #crownandprideyourlife 

That’s it! Do that, and you win your very own Queen West Crop. We know you’re going to be on Instagram anyway, so why not get a shirt out of it that will, without a doubt, become a staple piece in your closet? You have to be quick, however, because the contest will only run for 48 hours and entrants MUST have a public Instagram account as the winner will be notified via Direct Message to be sent their prize.

Heather has launched a 10% discount when you enter your email upon going on  Want another gift? Alright, but just because we really appreciate you. For the duration of the contest, you can get an additional 10% off when you use the discount code “UCHIC” at checkout.

So, to recap: a possible free must-have, a guaranteed 10% discount, and ANOTHER guaranteed 10% discount.

Stay Chic.


2 thoughts on “Crown + Pride Your Life

  1. Kimberly says:

    A very nice write up on Crown & Pride. I already placed my order for two crop tops & I already have their first piece the super comfy, must have Aurora Sweaters in all three colours. I’ll be posting pics on my social media twitter (@kfried) & fb w wearing the crop tops as soon as I get my order. Heather is super sweet & a pleasure to do business with. I’m happy half my pay has been going to support her & her clothing line.


    1. unprecedentedlychic says:

      We’re so happy you like the tops as much as we do! Heather is such a pleasure to have collaborated with and we can’t wait to see what Crown + Pride has in store for its ever-so-chic future.

      Can’t wait to see your photos, Kimberly, in the tops!


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