Yorkville’s Snake (Oops, we mean “Serpentine”)

Last fall, you may have caught wind of a rather controversial social media campaign in a Yorkville boutique. The Serpentine, a men’s fashion boutique, was promoting their upcoming Black Friday sale, and thought it would be a chic idea to post the following image on their Instagram page.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.23.56 AM.png

Not chic. We repeat, very much so NOT chic. Many followers commented as to why this campaign was, to them, inappropriate and offensive. The company took a defensive approach to the comments, and replied with the following:


Between now and then, their following hasn’t expanded, but it also hasn’t decreased. Luckily, this social media mess didn’t impact enough people to drastically affect their brand.

However, this is a great lesson for all fashion start-ups, or start-ups in general. Know your audience. Understand the impact of your voice. Just because your executive team is fine with an ad, it doesn’t mean everyone else is (regardless of the “cultural diversity” of the team).

And here we thought being chic was a Yorkville requirement?

Information gathered from http://www.citynews.com 

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