Don’t Miss a Blink

Snapchat never fails to miss a beat, which is why it comes as no surprise that the company is producing “Spectacles” – glasses in which consumers can snap instantaneously from their glasses.

The great thing about these glasses is that it solves a real problem that most Snapchat users have – it allows you to capture an exact moment without having to pull out your device.

Lauryn Morris is one of the lead individuals working on this prototype. In today’s fashion economy, not only is wearable technology becoming increasingly  popular (you can read more about this in our post, A Company Fit(bit) to Fight?), but tech companies are becoming increasingly desperate to branch off into the fashion industry in order to differentiate themselves.

With major competitors like Apple and Microsoft looking to target consumers through devices such as Morris’ Spectacles, we have one important piece of advice: patent, patent, patent!

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