Zara tries, and fails (again)

If you give our daily posts a read, you know that as much as we love Zara’s trendy designs, we are not fans of their unethical (and at times, illegal) business practices.

Last year, Zara released its “ungendered” unisex fashion line. Although the fast-fashion company had the right idea in mind, the execution of this new line received serious heat. The entire line consisted of loungewear, leading to the assumption that there really isn’t anything other that loungewear that can fit into this “ungendered” line.

Now, we cut Zara some slack. We gave them an entire YEAR to try to revamp this line. Yet, here we are, looking at similar product designs as last season.

Moreover, however, we wonder if there is even a need for a separate collection? We’ve bought male jeans from Topshop because, well, they give a better “boyfriend” jean look! Realistically, is there a point to this “ungendered” classification?

The Huffington Post says it best, “In the race to catch up to gender neutrality, brands are still fixating on outdated norms because we’re still coming at style from a boy/girl state of mind.”

Style is about being unique while feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. So, shop away our fellow fashionistas! We’ll be in H&M’s “mens” section if you need us…

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