Coachella Means Business

So, you may already be planning your Coachella outfit for next year (totally not us…promise!). But, have you kept in mind the companies you plan on buying your festival wear from?

Urban Outfitters has faced the heat for selling several “Coachella”-themed garments through Free People. If you follow any fashion/lifestyle blogger on Instagram, we can guarantee you’ve seen a few pieces. However, what you may not know is that Urban Outfitters has been selling this line without the consent of Coachella.

Coachella argues that Urban Outfitters may appeal to a similar consumer base, and consumers may get confused with the affiliation between the clothing brand and the music festival. Luckily for Urban Outfitters, the music festival sees this as nothing more than brand dilution and simply wants Urban affiliate Free People to stop using “Coachella” in online marketing to help sell clothes.

This is especially important for the music festival, as Coachella has its own clothing line, but claims Urban is “trading on the goodwill and fame.”

What do you think? Is Urban Outfitters behaving unethically?

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