Walking the Walk

Remember when we told you about France’s ban on excessively skinny models? Well, the bill that was brought forward in 2015 is now in effect!

You may remember that the bill was entirely dependent on the model’s BMI, but this is no longer an accurate measure to determine whether models will be impacted by this law. Rather, they need to have a certificate from a doctor in order to demonstrate their overall physical health based on age, weight, and body shape.

This was done to encourage a healthy body image and to deter easily-influenced females from going down the rabbit hole of changing their (already perfect) body shapes.

As a means of enforcement, fashion magazines and designers who contravene this new law will have to pay a fine of  up to 75,000 euros ($112,000) and could face up to six months in jail. It does not stop there. Beginning Oct. 1, all retouched images that appear in a magazine will have to be labelled “photographier etouchée (retouched photograph), or face a fine of 37,500 euros ($56,000) or 30 per cent of the advertising budget.

But what about the models who are naturally very skinny, and cannot gain weight even if they try? We want to know what you think!


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