Oh, Gucci…

Every fashion-law lover knows that Gucci is quite notorious for involving itself in legal disputes. Similar to yesterday’s post on Chanel, Gucci has recently come across an Italian family who has been using “Gucci” as their bistro’s name. Of course, the family’s surname is in fact Gucci, which is one of the reasons why they were under the impression that there was no type of legal infringement.

The high-end fashion designer thought otherwise. After discussing the issue, the Gucci family decided to work alongside Gucci (the brand), rather than fight against them – which, let us note, was the best decision for both parties considering Italy’s “laxed” environment (who wants to be in court for 20 years anyways? Gosh, Italians!)

The Gucci family renamed their restaurant “GI” and all promotional expenses that have been incurred using the business name “Gucci” were covered by the designer. Do you think this was fair? We mean, it was their last name after all!

Watch out Gucci Mane, you may be next!

Information derived from: https://www.thelocal.it/20170511/gucci-demands-family-run-restaurant-change-their-name 

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