Picture Perfect

As you know, we recently completed our Spring photoshoot, and if you didn’t know that, you know where to head to next (subtle, we know). In addition to our amazing make-up artist, our photographer Danielle Cassin, also made this project happen.

Danielle’s eye for a great location for fashion photography led us to a secret gem, which is ideal for highlighting your detail-oriented outfits, fashion lovers. It was an absolute pleasure to be directed by Danielle, since all professional photographers know exactly how they want their shots to turn out.

Danielle’s modern take, with a vintage touch, makes her incredibly unique and talented. Add the fact that she’s a sweetheart and an absolute pleasure to work with, and you know that she’s someone you want to have around for an enjoyable photoshoot.

Our shoots involve several outfit changes and Danielle was not only extremely encouraging throughout the long process, but she was one of the reasons why we had a great time while completing this project.

Contact Danielle for your next photoshoot, and don’t forget to mention that Unprecedentedly Chic sent you!

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