Glam Guru

This weekend, we had the pleasure of working with another incredibly talented make-up artist!

Sarah Isaacs is not only fantastic at what she does, but her passion for her work and her art make it an absolute pleasure to work with her. She was already fully informed about the latest trends according to the style bible – Vogue, of course- and she worked her magic.

Her flawless, natural, glowing looks were exactly what we were looking for and we were beyond happy with the finished product. She is not only creative and an absolute pleasure to work with, but she is very efficient. She finished both of our looks in under 2 hours and she did a perfect job!

We recommend contacting her ASAP, fashionistas. She is usually fully booked so be sure to contact her for your events in advance. But, if you mention that Unprecedentedly Chic referred you, we predict that you’ll secure a spot with who we like to call the Glam Guru.

Why did we get our make-up done, you ask? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for a very spring-y surprise.

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