Millennials: Warriors Against Fast Fashion

If you didn’t really believe that we are law students, we sure proved it through our three week hiatus due to final exams. Lucky for us, the thought of communicating with you, fashion lovers, kept us motivated. Now, down to business…

We have already written about our concerns regarding fast fashion, but there comes a time when we have to stop trying to get a perfect understanding of the problem, and actually do something about it.

The truth is that most people often do not think about where their clothes come from. In fact, it takes huge disasters, such as the Rana Plaza factory collapse in which over 1,100 workers were killed, to realize that the fast fashion segment may be problematic.

Millennials, however, have been questioning the origins of their clothing and have been active in raising awareness with respect to the poor health and safety standards, low pay,   and bans on forming trade unions when it comes to fast fashion retailers.

Baroness Lola Young, the founder of an All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion, says “a lot of young people are very concerned about a whole range of social justice issues and therefore are quite willing to go into the fray when they know what is going on”. So, kudos to those of you researching, fighting, and seeking justice.

However, we still need to take a fundamental look at the way the fast fashion industry operates, while recognizing the tension that exists between high working standards and low costs. While providing funding for retailers to improve their workplace practices is a viable option, such a solution has its capital-related limits.

We will not quit, however. We will continue to do our duty and contribute to finding a solution. For now we’d like to spread the word and maybe inspire a few by highlighting the work that some of us have already been doing.

Also, we hope you forgive us for being absent for the past few weeks…we promise to never leave you again.

Stay active. Stay chic.

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