Chic Spotlight: IP Osgoode

We are so excited to announce that starting this April, we will begin collaborating with IP Osgoode! As editors of the IPilogue, we will be posting about all relevant and interesting issues happening in regards to intellectual property.

IP Osgoode at Osgoode Hall Law School is a new, independent and authoritative voice which explores legal governance issues at the intersection of intellectual property and technology. In the context of a globalizing legal pluralist landscape, IP Osgoode cultivates interdisciplinary, comparative and transnational research, collaboration, policy-thinking and practice. IP Osgoode’s online blog – IPilogue – is the first of its kind, run and edited by Osgoode Hall students and covers on an ongoing basis pressing intellectual property law and related issues of the day.

So, if you thought you couldn’t get enough of us, think again! We’re ready to make IP Osgoode that much chicer, and can’t wait for you to read our cross-posts on the IPilogue.

IP Osgoode description taken from website. Check it out to learn more.

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