Chic Spotlight: Leah Chan

So, if you checked out our latest streetstyle shoot, you probably were left thinking, “Woah, who took those incredibly chic photos?!” Look no further, we have the PERFECT photographer for your next event.

Leah Chan is your go-to. Studying Fashion Management in her undergraduate studies at Ryerson University, Leah managed to combine all of her interests and passions while shooting with Unprecedentedly Chic. Oh, and did we mention she was SUPER efficient? We had shot all our looks in just over an hour! As law students, we have a lot on the go. Working with Leah was an absolute pleasure as we were able to finish the shoot in a timely manner (and even had time left over to buy the CUTEST pair of matching shoes – make sure to look for them in our next shoot).

As for now, make sure to check out Leah’s Instagram for all of her most recent collaborations. But don’t fret, this isn’t the last time you’ll see us working with Leah (more information on our summer project to come soon… oh, the suspense!)

Until then, stay chic.

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