Accessing Your Full Potential

Gentlemen, we have great news! Jude Farjami is back and we are obsessed with his funny, candid take on men’s accessories. Read below to find out what he thinks will make your your next outfit stand out more than ever.

What is it that makes a man? His job? His looks? His clothes? Actually, it’s usually his personality, but we would be fooling ourselves to think that his sense of style does not play a big role (just think about it: everyone seems to think that Ed Westwick’s real name is Chuck Bass).

Now, putting together the perfect outfit can prove to be tricky, but it takes the utmost attention to detail for a truly complete look. I know that some men think that there is nothing more to it than finding the perfect suit or some great pants paired with the perfect top; however, they would be sorely mistaken.

The fact of the matter is that men forget to accessorize. Sometimes it’s simply because doing so is viewed as too feminine and other times it’s because the difference seems to be so minuscule they would just as well go unnoticed. Allow me to speak candidly on this subject: a look that is poorly accessorized will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Men often forget that simple, perfectly paired necessities like a watch, belt, and shoes can breathe new life into a run-of-the-mill outfit or make the most of a stylish pairing. The right accessory can not only complete an outfit, but also really make you stand out as a forward thinker.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to set you in the right direction:

  1. Never forget that accessories are usually the smallest part of an outfit, yet they can be the loudest, which gives you the perfect opportunity to be bold. If you have a funky silk scarf, get it around your neck to liven up a basic look. If you have an awesome set of suspenders (please, no clip-ons that you see at prom), then lose the belt. Hell, if you’re not in the mood to do your hair don’t be afraid to try a new hat (I’m thinking Panama and not the Blue Jays).
  2. Never forget that accessories, while meant to stand out, should never be seriously contrasting in colour; however, not every piece has to be an exact match. I find that the biggest mistake men make is thinking that every piece on them has to not only be the same colour, but the same shade. If your outfit calls for brown shoes and a brown belt, then guess what? They can be two different tones! Furthermore, when you are trying to piece together by colour it is always nice to tie in the undertones of your outfit with the accessories, as they will draw attention to any secondary colours giving them more vibrancy, and do exactly what a good accessory should: acting as an extension of the outfit.
  3. Don’t ever, ever forget the basics. Some things should just go without saying: a man should never be without a watch; if the sun is out, not having a pair of sunglasses just seems peculiar; with a suit, a tie is always appreciated, unless the shirt and jacket are hard at work on their own; and last but not least, do understand that a pocket square should be treated like a pair of shoes, which is to say that it isn’t optional – you have the pocket and if you fail to use it, you’ll look like a square.

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