Vogue, Get With It

This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken to the cultural appropriation issues occurring in the fashion industry, and we have an unfortunate feeling it also won’t be our last.

Victoria’s Secret model, Karlie Kloss, has been recently scrutinized (and for good reason) in her latest issue with Vogue. The outfit and makeup of this shoot can be found in the picture below.


Now, if you remember, Kloss has been under fire for cultural appropriation in the past. Wearing a native headdress and face paint in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few years back, Kloss has apologized for this insensitive behaviour before.

However, who should we REALLY be blaming? The models? Or, the multinational fashion companies who style the models in the “latest trends?” We think the latter.

High-fashion leader, Vogue, should know that each and every move the style magazine  makes is seen by a multitude of people. Especially being in the realm of high-fashion, rather than fast fashion, Vogue has a standard of class that it is expected to live up to. Stunts like this “diversity” spread only make us question if the brand even recognizes the consequence of its actions.

Being lovers of fashion, and often looking to Vogue as a source of style inspiration, it is infuriating to see companies act so insensitively to various cultures. Sure, fashion is about expression – but there are limits to everything.

Cultural appropriation is NOT chic. Vogue, get with it.



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